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Our Studio
At Pilates Stance you will receive individual attention by a Romana's Pilates certified instructor who understands how to tailor a workout specific to your body's needs. 
At Pilates Stance, we stay true to the principles embodied by Joseph Pilates. A strong emphasis is placed on alignment, breathing, and strengthening your core to lead to improved coordination and balance.
Our Apparatus

When you train at Pilates Stance you train on the finest apparatus available, and the only Pilates apparatus based on the original designs and specifications of Joseph Pilates. 

Gratz is the original manufacturer of Pilates apparatus and the industry's established source for authentic equipment. 

This legacy of high end fabrication and tradition continued with Frank's son Donald Gratz who applied his engineering and metalworking expertise working closely with Romana Kryzanowska in the late 1960's.

This collaboration with Romana resulted in the preservation of the dimensions and proportions critical to the correct functions of the Pilates apparatus. Thanks to this relationship Gratz maintained a fidelity to Joseph Pilates original vision by fabricating apparatus with unerring craftsmanship and exacting specifications which continues today.
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